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Welcome! 2024 ActivePlay Summer Camp is now Open


Welcome to our summer camp! We offer a fun and active experience for children ages 3-12. Our sports-based program includes a variety of activities to keep your child engaged and active throughout the day. From soccer to go-karts, your child will have a blast while staying active and making new friends. Join us for a summer full of fun and memories! Camp dates and locations are as follows...​


We organize our camp by age: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, and 11+. In the morning, each child remains with their designated group and move through three station activities. The afternoon is less structured and allows the children to choose what activity they would like to participate in.  For example, if in the afternoon they wanted to do the bounce house together and then go to the gym for dodgeball, they are more than welcome! The day in the life of a camper varies depending on age group. See below for an example of each:










Station activites include: dodgeball, kickball, hockey, soccer, basketball, gaga ball, capture the flag, ultimate frisbee, handball, go karts, frisbee golf, whiffle ball, bracelet making and many other games/activities.  We rotate the games we do each day so campers experience a lot of different activities each week. Free choice time is a chance for them to choose an activity they enjoyed during the week. For example if a camper loved whiffle ball as a station that week, a coach would run a home run derby or whiffle ball game in the afternoon.

Please email with any questions. 

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